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Licenses, Permits, & Fees

Each year on January 1, every person engaged in any business, trade, profession or occupation, whether for profit, not-for-profit or charitable, in the county, shall register such business, trade, profession or occupation and, except for exemptions and exclusions, shall pay an occupation registration fee for such business, trade, profession or occupation. The registration fee, renewable every January 1, is $35.00 per year. More information may be obtained by contacting the Planning and Development Office, 117 Putnam Drive, Suite B, Eatonton, GA, (706) 485-2776. In the case of establishments that serve alcoholic beverages or furnish rooms, lodging or accommodations, please also contact the County Clerk’s Office, 117 Putnam Drive, Suite A, Eatonton, GA, (706) 485-5826.



Retail Package Sale of Malt Beverages

Retail Package Sale of Wine



Retail Consumption on Premises of Malt Beverages and/or Wine

Retail Consumption on Premises of Distilled Spirits



Retail Package Sale of Distilled Spirits   $2,400
Fingerprint submission   $45


HOTEL/MOTEL (specifically any operation of rooms, lodgings or accommodations regulary furnished for value)

House Bill 465 (passed by both the Georgia House of Representatives and Georgia Senate and signed by Governor Deal) authorizes the governing party of Putnam County, Putnam County Board of Commissioners, to levy an excise tax at a rate not to exceed 8 percent of the charge for furnishing for value to the public of any room or rooms, lodgings, or accommodations by any person of legal entity licensed by, or required to pay business or occupation taxes to, the county for operating a hotel, motel, inn, lodge, tourist camp, tourist cabin, campground, or any other place in which rooms, lodgings, or accommodations are regularly or periodically furnished for value.

Effective June 1, 2015 the amount of Hotel-Motel tax payable to Putnam County each month will increase from 5 percent to 8 percent and you must begin collecting this increase immediately.  Each Putnam County Hotel Motel permit holder will be provided updated tax reporting forms which will reflect the increase in the excise tax.   The monthly excise tax is paid to the County in arrears, therefore; the tax payments for June 2015 are due and payable by July 20, 2015.

Annual Permit (per establishment)   $25.00



Printed Page   $.10
Administrative Fee   hourly rate of the lowest full-time employee with the necessary skill and training to respond to the request, with no charge for the first 15 minutes
Copy on CD   $.50
* If costs are estimated to exceed $25, notification will be provided within 3 business days
* Advance payment is required if costs will exceed $500



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See “Frequently Used Documents” or “How Do I…” page for alcohol, hotel-motel, and open records forms.