Pursuant to the Putnam County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 48 – Signs, Sec. 48-14(d).  Temporary sign permits (private property), states,

“(d) Exceptions to the requirement of obtaining a permit for certain temporary signs.  Any person or entity which has a recurring requirement to place temporary signs shall not be required to obtain a permit for each individual sign, provided that said applicant adheres to the following requirements:

(1)  The maximum square footage of any sign in a residential zone shall not exceed six square feet.  The maximum total square footage for all such signs shall not exceed 24 square feet.

(2)  The maximum square footage of any sign in any nonresidential zone shall not exceed 32 square feet.

(3) An additional sign may be placed in the rear yard, as defined in the current Putnam County Zoning Ordinance, of any zone lot which abuts Lakes Oconee or Sinclair, or tributaries thereto.”

You must have permission from the owner to place signs on private property.

In addition, Sec. 48-9, states, “No sign shall be placed in the public right-of-way…”

The right-of-ways of county roads vary, so a general rule-of-thumb is to place the sign behind the line of utility poles.

All signs placed in the right-of-way will be removed by the county.

Any sign picked up from the right-of-way by county personnel will be disposed of within 5 days.

Temporary sign permits are available at the Planning and Development Department.  For additional information, you can contact our office at 706-485-2776.