GDOT Press Release

For Immediate Release:

February 17, 2016


Kyle Collins

District Communications


East central district projects a major part of nearly $90 million statewide awards

TENNILLE– Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) this month awarded 24 contracts for statewide projects totaling $89.7 million. The listing includes bridge and resurfacing projects in Baldwin, McDuffie, Putnam, Dodge and Lincoln counties adding up to a $15.3 million dollar east central Georgia district investment.

“As the months progress, we will see a significant increase in projects that tackle the state’s deteriorating transportation infrastructure—projects to restore Georgia’s pavements and bridges—as a result of the Transportation Funding Act,” GDOT Commissioner Russell McMurry said. “GDOT will perform more routine maintenance than we were previously able, like fixing potholes and guardrails. Plus there will be more resurfacing and restriping of roads. We ask the public to ‘pardon our progress’ as we work to improve our transportation network.”

Projects awarded within the 27-county east central Georgia DOT District Two include:

  • Baldwin/McDuffie: Bridge rehab at two locations on State Route (SR) 22 in Baldwin County including the Oconee River Bridge and the SR 150 bridge over Interstate 20 in McDuffie County; The $2,143,258 bid was awarded to Massana Construction Inc. and has a project completion date of June 30, 2017. The proposed bridge rehabs involve substructure strengthening, deck rehab, painting, joint replacement and co-polymer overlay of the decks.
  • Lincoln: The Soap Creek Bridge located on US 378/SR 43 in Lincoln County is one of four bridge bond projects funded from $100 million appropriated by the 2015 General Assembly. This bridge project includes .540 miles of new construction and approaches. The $8,732,948 bid went to Gregory Bridge Company and has a project completion date of July 31, 2017.
  • Putnam: A 13.730-mile resurfacing and shoulder rehab project on SR 16 beginning east of Rooty Creek and extending to the Hancock County line was awarded to C&H Paving, Inc. for $2,757,235 and has a project completion date of December 31, 2016.
  • Dodge: Thanks to the Transportation Investment Act (TIA) this county within the Heart of Georgia Altamaha (HOGA) region will receive 26.140 miles of resurfacing on local roadways including Milan-Chauncey Road, East Chicken Road, Rocky Springs Road, Middle Ground Church Road and Edna Moore Road. The HOGA was one of three regions to pass TIA in 2012, which is a penny tax dedicated to transportation projects. Everett Dykes Grassing Co., Inc. won the bid at $1,671,648 and has a project completion date of December 31, 2016.

Details on awarded projects can be found through the Award Announcement Downloads link: Information on schedules, lane closures and detours will be made available in advance of construction activities.

For information about the Transportation Funding Act and future project investments, visit

In their 2015 legislative session, Georgia lawmakers addressed the state’s critical transportation infrastructure needs with passage of House Bill 170, Georgia’s transportation funding bill. The Transportation Funding Act (TFA) of 2015 is expected to generate an estimated $870 million in the first fiscal year. This sustained annual revenue will be used to fund much-needed routine maintenance and capital improvements. GDOT is planning now so that projects can advance quickly once funds are received starting in July 2016.