The GA Department of Natural Resources and Georgia Power are aware of the recent occurrence of dead carp throughout Lake Oconee, and we are working to understand the cause of the event.

  • At present, only non-native Asian carp species have been identified (primarily common carp), and this event appears similar to past events around Georgia during Spring.
  • In springtime, carp move into flowing water in large numbers to spawn.  Mortality events like the one ongoing at Lake Oconee are common during this time and typically result from spawning stress, carp specific viruses/disease, or a combination of the two.
  • Water quality was checked last week by the GADNR-EPD as part of their routine monitoring program, and those results showed good water quality in the lake.  There are no other environmental conditions of concern that have been identified causing this event, and the likely culprit (a carp virus) is not transferrable to humans or even other fish species.
  • GPC and GA DNR will continue to monitor this event on Lake Oconee.  If you see other species of dead or dying fish (more than the typical occasional one or two), please contact the GPC Land Office at Lake Oconee or Georgia DNR in Social Circle (770-918-6418).