The Putnam County Board of Commissioners is seeking Putnam County residents who would be interested in serving on the Putnam County Department of Family and Children Services Board.  Appointed board members receive a $35.00 per meeting per diem; board meetings are held every other month.  Appointees must be from one of the following categories: pediatric health care providers, appropriate school personnel, emergency responders, law enforcement personnel, private child welfare service providers, alumni of the child welfare system, mental health care providers, former foster parents, or leaders within the faith-based community.

The role of the county board shall be to protect the well-being of this state’s children while preserving family integrity.  County boards may review the administration of all welfare and public assistance functions for the county, including such programs as temporary assistance for needy families (TANF), supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP), employment services, child protective services, foster care, and adoptions, and shall report no less than annually the effectiveness of the county department’s provision of services, the needs of the community, and its recommendations for improved operations of the county department.  County boards shall serve as an active liaison and a link between the county department and the local community.  County boards shall support the overall mission of the Division of Family and Children Services of the department.

Interested persons should submit an application to the Putnam County Board of Commissioners, 117 Putnam Drive, Suite A, Eatonton, Georgia 3102.  Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.  The application needs to include a statement that you are not an elected officer of the state, county or any subdivision thereof, nor is a member of your immediate family an employee of the Putnam County Department of Family and Children Services.  The board application form can be found on the county website at www.putnamcountyga.us (in the “How Do I…” or “Forms & Documents” sections) or by calling 706-485-5826.